What Can You Do To Prepare Now, For A Return To Business?

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In the context of the Covid-19 outbreak, the duty to remove or minimise health and safety risks in your London small business has become increasingly difficult. When lockdown measures ease, London SMEs will need to have a plan on how they will manage their finance risks and protect workers and customers before they start operations.

Keeping Your Workplace, And The People You Work With Safe

     Many London small business owners are still unable to operate or are required to work from home. If you are one of the London SMEs that are able to return to work, you will need to think about the following safety measures:

Strict Hygiene Measures- disinfecting surfaces and allowing people to have easy access to soap and water and/or sanitiser so they can maintain high levels of hygiene. Reminding staff with posters about how to reduce risk will be important too.

Social Distancing For Employees- the goal is to limit the interaction between people. Can you set up split-shifts for staff or ensure that only essential workers come to the workplace in order to reduce interactions?

Social Distancing For Customers And Suppliers- offering online purchase and contactless delivery. If people come into a London small business, have a plan for a managed entry system, with space for people to maintain a safe distance from others.

Contact Tracing- you may need to record who is working together and any other people such as suppliers, customers, or a tradesperson who you have contact with.

Providing Protective Equipment, If It Is Required- you may not need PPE equipment but if it is necessary, you’ll need to be able to supply workers with the items they need.

Have A Plan To Respond To Suspected Infection- make sure everyone can identify symptoms (fever, cough, sore throat, and shortness of breath). Unwell people should stay home.

Employee Engagement- work together to discuss and agree the new working arrangements.

Have A Plan For Managing Employee Absences- who is essential to your business operation? Have a plan in place if staff are unable to work.

Communication With Customers- you’ll need to consider how you will communicate with customers.

     Your workplace will need to operate consistently with public health guidance. For more information on which London small businesses and venues that must remain closed visit the Government website.

Contact Fortuous

     To learn more about what you can do now to prepare for a return to business, contact Fortuous today and speak with an experienced London accountant who can answer any questions you might have. Be sure to click this link to Get An Instant Quote today!

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