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Digital Business

Does your business have a CRM tool?

Having clean, up-to-date information and data about your customers is a vital part of running your business. But recording, tracking...

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8 key things restaurant owners struggle with everyday

It’s a shocking truth, especially for new restaurateurs: Food and labour costs usually range between 62%-68% for every pound in...

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Beauty Salon turns to cloud accounting to gain control

Mary runs a small beauty salon in east London with a small team, offering first class hair, beauty, grooming and...

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Wholesale paint supplier and accountant working together

A local wholesale paint supplier had been a client of their accountant for eight years. The relationship had traditionally been...

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Retail store finds one way to bring success

Sarah and Tim own an independent home entertainment retailer, selling televisions, music systems, phones, computers, games and consoles and other...

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HMRC plans to move paying your tax online by 2020

HMRC can now confirm that under Making Tax Digital: businesses will now be able to continue to use spreadsheets to record...

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Suburban law firm cleans up its act to improve profitability

David, the sole practitioner of a legal firm, found that his revenue had stagnated and he was consistently facing cash...

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Avoid changing horses in midstream

It’s rare that Accountants are spoken of as examples of great marketing. So please indulge us as we share with...

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