Our Mission

At Fortuous, we believe in commitment and care. Commitment to being pro-active problem solvers, not just passive number crunchers and personal care for each and every client and their business.

“Our Mission is to provide the steps and then work together with you to achieve your business goals, desired lifestyle and financial well-being”

We believe in proactive and personalised service being at the core of what we offer, right alongside trust, honesty and open communication. We work with you as if you are family – and have the passion and commitment to ensure that you succeed in every possible way.

To do this we need to put our values in action. Here are a few of our objectives, core values and employee promise we live by:

  • To listen to clients concerns, then provide practical and tailored solutions
  • Up-to-date financial advice to improve your financial position
  • To strengthen our client relationships, via personal and responsive communication
  • To be passionate in helping our clients
  • One on one relationships with clients, complimented by personal and friendly advice
  • To treat each client’s work as if I am working on my own
  • Accountants are happy to report on your position ……… We aim to improve your position

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