At Fortuous, we believe in commitment and care. Commitment to being pro-active problem solvers, not just passive number crunchers and personal care for each and every client and their business.

Learn more about forecasting

Business forecasting is a method to predict the future, where the future is narrowly defined by economic conditions. It combines information gathered from past circumstances with an accurate picture of the present economy to predict future conditions for a business.

It refers to techniques such as taking a prospective view of how the economy is likely to turn out in the short-term. Its use is critical for businesses whenever the future is uncertain. The more they can focus on the probable outcome, the more success the organization has as it moves forward.

Business owners should set aside sufficient time to create an efficient business plan and build in strategies for their future prosperity and success.

• Our team will help you to generate a comprehensive business plan, and incorporate steps into the plan in order to help minimise your taxes.

• We will consider your company’s structure; take advantage of capital allowances; make the most of tax reliefs that are available to you; and help you to plan for your year-end.

• We can also help you to implement long-term plans for your business and your exit; reduce your capital gains tax liability; maximise sales and profits; and manage your cashflow.

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