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Understanding Your Statement Of Cash Flows

The statement of cash flows, (also known as the cash flow statement), shows how your business has generated and used cash (and cash equivalents) within a specific time period. For...

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8 key things restaurant owners struggle with everyday

It’s a shocking truth, especially for new restaurateurs: Food and labour costs usually range between 62%-68% for every pound in revenue, with profits only reaching between 2%-6%.  With razor-thin profit...

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Late Filing Penalties by HMRC

Not Filing tax returns to HMRC At time we have observed that people get themselves registered for self employment for one reason or another without realising that it becomes compulsory...

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Beauty Salon turns to cloud accounting to gain control

Mary runs a small beauty salon in east London with a small team, offering first class hair, beauty, grooming and aesthetic treatments . As the business started to grow, Mary had...

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8 ways an accountant can help small businesses

On the off chance that you are bootstrapping, or beginning an independent venture on a constrained spending plan, you have presumably invested some energy attempting to make sense of where...

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Questions to Ask When Looking for Accountants in London

Whether you are starting your own business or looking for a new accountant, the search can be frustrating.After all, when it comes to handling money, you need someone that you...

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How Accountants in London Can Help Your Business

There are over 340,000 accountants in London today. Have you considered hiring an accountant to help your business? If so, how do you know you’re making the right choice, and...

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Deciding Which Accounting Services You Need

The human brain is a magnificent organ, capable of storing an estimated 2.5 petabytes. Petabytes are bigger than gigabytes. Yet, no person can remember everything–especially when it comes to tax...

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