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Whether you need an integrated business strategy, access to corporate finance or specialist tax advice we are here to help you achieve your goals.

Taxation in the UK is complex. Partly as a result of this complexity, there are often different ways to achieve the same commercial objectives with very different consequences.

It is our role to understand the complexities so that:

• Where the law provides opportunities for tax mitigation, we can advise you on those opportunities.
• Where anomalies and idiosyncrasies in the tax code present potential advantages, we can explore and exploit those with you.
• Where unusual circumstances exist which enable you to access favourable reliefs and outcomes, we can design your tax plans to capture them.

It is, of course, our professional duty to present your affairs in an accurate and compliant way and to protect you from penalties for non-compliance. That is as important now as it has ever been.

Effective tax planning requires knowledge, instinct and experience in an arena with inexact parameters. We have these attributes in abundance and are well-placed to minimise the current and future tax burdens of our clients, legitimately and in accordance with their overall commercial and domestic plans.

Our tax consultancy includes know-how at every stage of your personal and business life:

Business start-up

Advice on choosing the right form of trading entity for your business; the optimum ownership structure; and maximising investment reliefs where possible.

Developing business

Our advice includes maintaining advantageous structures; accessing reliefs and allowances eg for capital expenditure and research and development (R&D); avoiding ‘double’ taxation or excessive rates and levies. We also handle compliance issues and enquiries effectively as they arise.

All other events

Tax advice is relevant to almost every conceivable aspect of life, including emigration, divorce, domicile, investment, family and partner disputes, etc. We’ve dealt with them all and can help you.

Our tax planning work is predominantly involved in the following major areas:

• Income tax, including PAYE and NIC
• Corporation Tax
• Capital Gains Tax
• Inheritance Tax
• Value-Added tax
• Stamp Duty and Stamp Duty Land Tax

Always up to date with the latest developments and initiatives, we will analyse all major taxes, as well as ensuring you’re kept in the loop regarding your current tax position and helping to demystify the complex legislation.

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